Calculate the price of electricity

Approach matters

We supply electricity and gas throughout the Czech Republic. Without any extra mothly fees. With a human approach. Responsible to colleagues, customers and the environment. With our help, every change is easy.

FONERGY application

Have easy access to your contracts, price lists, payments, documents, self-readings and reports. Always simple and clear with the possibility of immediate change directly on your phone.

Don't pay more

Set up the sending of documents electronically and the return of overpayments by transfer to your account. You will get a PREMIUM contract without monthly fees. You will save and even help us protect nature.

You know what you're up to

Our contracts are for an indefinite period. No hidden hooks and fees. The business conditions are brief and everyone knows them. We do not hide price lists. We value customers.

I. Enter the address to correctly identify the distribution area


II. Electricity price calculator